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Commissioner's Trophy

The Houston Astros did it again! The Texas based baseball team won the 2022 World Series securing the champion title and the big trophy, or otherwise known as the Commissioner's Trophy.

You may be wondering basic information about this iconic trophy for the MLB series. From the Lombardi trophy and Heisman Trophy to the Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold Medal, these awards are the highest level of recognition and symbols for accomplishment.

Here are 5 things you didn't know about the MLB Commissioner's trophy:

1. MLB champions were awarded rings before the iconic Commissioner's trophy. This trophy tradition dates back to 1967, the first time it was awarded to the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. This iconic trophy has only been awarded 46 times in World Series history.

2. The trophy has been redesigned 3 times! Boston Red Sox is the only team to have won all 3 designed Trophies.

3. Tiffany & Co designed the latest Commissioner's trophy. It is 30 inches tall with 200 troy ounces of sterling silver. The ball contains 24-karat baseball stitches and weighs about 30 lbs. It takes 3 months to make this trophy! 

4. The trophy presentation was moved to the field instead of the winning team's clubhouse. Believe it or not, the award ceremony used to be a private event for the team and staff.  

5. The official trophy name "commissioner's trophy" comes after its original name "All-Star MVP"

Photo Credit: Houston Astros Photography 

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