10 Best Martial Arts Medals For Your Next Tournament

Custom Martial Arts Medal Deals

Here at Trophy Deals, we know that the hardest part of hosting any event is finding the perfect award. Are you looking for ideas for your next Martial Arts event? Our custom medals and traditional medals are affordable and loved in dojos across the nation. The votes are in, so check out our Top Ten Karate and Martial Arts Medals!

It was Bruce Lee who said “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” and we can’t think of a better way of commemorating a memorable victory than our Engraved Plate Metals.  This piece comes with any one of our martial arts mylars framed in a swirl of rotating stars and a bold plate, and you can use your 40 FREE characters to document a memory that will last a lifetime.

Make your students feel like heroes with this antique dog tag! It features a bronze-colored cast of a fist and a figure kicking triumphantly into the sky. When they receive this, your students will know that they have taken their first steps toward embracing their inner Mr. Myagi!

We know that before one can master the art of Karate, one must first master the basics. It is not the flash of furious fists that catches the eye - but the artful simplicity with which a true master can move. That’s why we know that our Wreath Medals, with their antique finish and vines framing a simple yin/yang symbol, will make a powerful statement for your students. 

Of course, it isn’t just the simplicity of Karate that draws us to it - there is also the need for balance. The best way to balance simplicity with originality is to check out our Gold Insert Antique Wreath Medals! These brassy antique finished Medals consist of a wreath that frames one of our original mylars. This will take you one step closer to providing your students with a one-of-a-kind award! 

Karate is balanced...Karate is simple...but Karate is also cool! Sometimes you want to give your students a piece that stands and makes them feel as awesome as they are every time they earn a new belt! That’s why we can’t help but recommend our Diamond Cut Out Metals - these 2” Golden Medallions scream “I’m a winner” with their sharp edges, star framing, martial arts student, yin-yang sign, and fierce fist behind the words “Martial Arts”. It’s no wonder they’re one of our favorites when they’re so jam-packed with cool. 

From cool to hot - we move on to our Flame Medals. These glimmering golden medallions are 2” and their eye-catching shape is certain to turn heads! Adorned with the image of a martial artist aiming an impressive kick - tell your students that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and that they’re absolutely on fire!

Your participants and students will turn heads with our 2.75” Offset Star Holder Medals! These shining medals come in gold, silver, and bronze - and with a customizable mylar that is just slightly off to the center. Somehow, despite being offset, the beautiful stars adorning the side add a layer of elegant balance - the perfect framing for one of our mylars. Want to see your logo on a medal? No problem! Our Offset Star Holder Medals make custom designs look amazing!

Looking for something just as bold, just as customizable but BIGGER, BADDER, and BOLDER? Look no further than our Star Saucer Holder Medals. At a whopping 3.25” and framed in clean five-point stars these awards are eye-catching and make the perfect frame for our original mylars or your custom design!

Our Diamond Cut Out Medals are pretty rad, but our Slant Star Medals aren’t afraid to compete! Show your students that you see their shine with these uniquely shaped Medals. Like the Diamond Cut Outs - these awards are jam-packed with action! The figure kicking out, the first and the yin-yang sound cut into the brilliant gold metal will bring a whole new layer of excitement to any tournament!

As great as our traditional medals are - there’s nothing like having something entirely custom-made for your special event. That’s why we at trophy deals are proud to offer some of the best pricing available for Custom Die Struck Enamel Medals. Provide your logo, or work with a member of our talented design team to have a custom graphic made for you! Make your event stand above the rest by calling us to get your free quote!

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