50 Employee Recognition and Service Award Titles


It has been said that how an employee feels is more important than what they earn. 

A new study by Psychology Today proves this notion by highlighting what employees deem to be motivational or make them feel valued at work: 

  • 83% of employees said recognition from their work was more fulfilling than anything else (bonus, trips, etc)

  • 76% found co-worker’s praise was extremely motivating

  • 88% found managers praise was highly motivational 

  • 90% said a fun work environment was extremely motivating 

It is no secret that the greatest human desire is to be recognized–and what better way to recognize an employee, friend, or outstanding individual than with a recognition award with their name and a message of encouragement. 

Whether you are planning an awards ceremony, or simply would like to acknowledge something great in someone with a gift, here are 50 ideas for award titles for employee recognition:

Performance Awards Titles

  • Going Above and Beyond Award

  • Superstar Award

  • Ray of Sunshine Award

  • Teamwork makes the Dream Work Award

  • Customer First Award

  • Company Values Award

  • Rise & Shine Award

  • Best Communicator Award

  • Collaborator Award

  • MVP Award

  • Team Player Award

  • Most Consistent Performer Award

  • Most sales Made Award

  • Best Sales Performer 

  • Big Kahuna Award

  • Marketing Genius Award

  • SEO Star Award

  • Best HR Strategist Award

  • People’s Champion Award

  • Always Ready to Help Award

  • The Employee’s Advocate Award

Service Awards Titles

  • The Hero with a Tie Award

  • The Iron Pillar Award

  • Running the Marathon Award 

  • Unmatched Dedication Award

  • Company Excellence Award

  • Thank you for Everything Award

  • Community Service Award

  • 5 Years of Service Award

  • 10 Years of Service Award

  • 15 Years of Service Award

  • Customer Service Award

  • Best in Sales Awards

  • Salesman of the Year Award

  • Saleswomen of the Year Award

  • Rainmaker Award

  • Safety Award

  • Beyond Grateful Award  

Behaviors or Attitudes Awards Titles

  • The Game Changer Award

  • People’s Choice Award

  • All Smiles Award

  • Outstanding Achiever Award

  • Best performance Award

  • Spirit Award

  • Creativity Award

  • Inspirational Award

  • Excellent Leadership Award

  • Above and Beyond Award

  • Dedication Award

  • Going the Extra Mile Award

  • Innovative Award

  • Visionary Award

  • Team Player Award

Once you select the award titles that match your recipients, half of the work is done! Next, you need to match the award title with a  you will need to match the title with a dazzling recognition award. 

Here at Trophy Deals, we have acrylic awards, Crystal awards, or Glass awards for you to choose from. Our most popular service awards and recognition awards can be found by clicking on the following links below: 

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We understand if you still need assistance finding and ordering the perfect awards, and that is why we have a team of helpful customer service representatives ready to assist you. Please contact us by email [email protected] or text us 1-800-882-9273

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